I want to take this opportunity to talk about the health condition of both you and your child. I feel that it’s far too familiar for people to overlook the health of the mother. We all know that the health of a special needs child is always a primary concern. The health of the mother is also significant. You don’t want to neglect your own health while taking care of your child. It’s easy to do, and the impact can be devastating. Who will take care of your child if you’re under the weather? It’s a simple question, with a not so simple answer.

There are so many different levels of dealing with health.

The first aspect is the one that’s the most visible. You’re dealing with a child who has needs that most don’t. Those needs, at times, define who your child is. Though, there’s also the aspect of treatment and lengthy stays at facilities. It’s entirely possible that you and your child spend more time with doctors than outside playing. There may even come the point when you get to know all the staff at the hospital and quite a few of the moms of other children as well. The entire process of taking care of a sick child can be overwhelming at times.

Taking care of your health is a priority as well.

Do you remember when was the last time you sat down and ate an entire meal? It may have been since before you gave birth. You don’t sleep much, you’re always on the go, and no one takes care of you. The world is on your shoulders, and somehow you’re supposed not to collapse. Your physical and mental health is a concern. It must be for you to be there for your child. It’s far too easy to overlook your health and forget that you’re not a robot. Well, that’s not entirely true. You do remember that you’re not a robot when you’re sitting up with your child at three in the morning. It’s the other people around you who seem to forget you’re not a robot.

Be aware that emotional drain is real.

How you feel matters. You’re dealing with a lot. You also have to understand that you play a role in your child’s health care. There’s a lot of information that you’ve got to keep straight. You can’t allow yourself to get behind on any of it. You are more than just a mom, and it’s always going to be that way. The quality of health care that your child receives will be in part based on how prepared you are. The only way you can be prepared if you’re mentally and emotionally balanced. It’s not easy, but somehow you’ve got to pull it off.

Take care of both of you.

Yes, you are a person. It’s vital that you understand the quality of your child’s life depends on your health. It’s not easy taking care of a sick child. You already know this. You also understand that the road you’ve got to travel is long and hard. Allow yourself to feel upset at times. Crying is okay. You’re not weak if you have moments of breaking down. It only means you’re human and you’ve got to release the pressure valve sometimes.

Posted by:Reegan Imperial, Board Certified Cognitive Specialist

"I am because of who we all are." Ubuntu

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